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the music of my life



I am everything and nothing, a walking contradiction, a paradox. I am but a figment of your imagination, and of mine as well.

I am former music major-turned-English/photography major. Even though writing and photography are my strong points, I can do pretty much anything artsy, including singing, drawing, and acting. Outside my artistic interests, I'm an amateur genealogist, birder (weirdoes call it "bird-watching"), cosplayer and exhibitor/spectator at cat shows. I also love travel, horseracing, horseback riding, bicycling, and hiking.

There are a bunch of causes I support, but the one I have devoted most of my time and energy to is the fight against cancer. One of these days, I will participate in Pelotonia, a cycling event that helps raise money for the Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital at the Ohio State University Medical Center. One of these days, I also hope to participate in Race for the Cure.

Everything I do and am interested in is loved to the point of obsession. Sometimes it scares me more than it scares other people. That's how important all of my interests and causes are to me. They give me a purpose in my otherwise uninteresting life.

my blog

My personal corner here at LJ serves three separate, but linked (and equally important) purposes. First, it enables me to vent about whatever is bothering me, whenever I feel the need. Second, it allows me to keep in touch with my friends and know how they're doing. Lastly, it lets my friends know what's going on in my life when I'm not venting. I do not post everything to my blog, as I firmly believe that if there are things I don't want my own mother to know about, then my friends, and especially strangers to my blog, have no business knowing about that stuff either. There is a reason I keep an analogue (hand-written) journal.

This blog DOES contain: rants, fandom-related posts, adventures, pictures, and the odd excerpt from any of my current or upcoming writing projects. Content varies from kid-friendly to adults-only.

This blog DOES NOT contain: layout codes, icons, or other graphics. I advise you to look elsewhere for such material.

friending policy

This blog is FRIENDS ONLY, meaning we have to be mutual friends if you want to read my entries. I will not add you to my friend-list just because you exist. In order for me to add you, you must meet any one of the following criteria:

  1. We know each other in person
  2. We know each other from FF.net, deviantART, or Minitokyo
  3. Share similar interests
If you meet any of the preceding requirements, the next step is to visit my only public entry, where you will see my Friends Only banner. Comment on that entry, and then wait. Once I have determined who you are, I may or may not add you back.

I ask that you not be offended if I refuse to add you back, and please do not persist in trying to convince me to add you. It's not that I don't think you're cool, because you probably are. I'm just very persnickity about who I keep on my friends list for a multitude of reasons. I value my relative privacy and I would appreciate it if you would respect that.


Writing is a big part of my life. I've been writing fanfiction since I was in my teens and original fiction since I was in high school. In 2007, I participated in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). for the first time. I ask that if you don't like what you read, don't say anything at all; just hit the "back" button and look for something else. I do not suffer flamers to pass. Avoid spamming at all costs. Also, be a dear and don't plagiarize me. I will find out about it, and I guarantee you won't like what happens.

BE WARNED: I do write stories with adult themes/concepts/language/situations. Check all ratings before reading.

If you're interested in the fanfiction end of the spectrum, you can find me at FanFiction.net (aka "the pit") as rapturesrevenge (a link is included to my profile at AO3). Standard disclaimers apply to all fanfictions I've written and will write in the future.

Regarding NaNoWriMo, you won't be able to read my project, but you can keep track of my progress throughout the month of November and friend me on the NaNo website if you're participating. My NaNo alias is raptures_revenge there as well (if you're sensing a theme here, you get a cookie).

Remember, no spamming, flaming, or plagiarizing. Have fun.

the unknown

I haven't figured out what to do with this particular tab. Code credits will have to do.

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